U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross Praises President Trump’s Signing of Space Policy Directive – 2

(May 24, 2018) - - Today, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross praised President Trump’s signing of Space Policy Directive – 2 (SPD-2), which directs the Department of Commerce and other agencies to implement reforms of the U.S. commercial space regulatory framework that will unshackle private space industry. The President’s approval brings into force several recommendations made by the National Space Council in February that will ensure America remains the flag of choice for space commerce.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, and the National Space Council is making great strides toward ensuring that the U.S. is the leader in space for generations to come,” said Secretary Ross. “I commend Vice President Pence and the rest of the Council for their hard work.”

In line with the directive, Commerce intends to create a new “one-stop shop” within the Department for promoting, administering, and regulating commercial space activities. After the signing, Secretary Ross announced that today the Department will deliver to Congress its proposal to establish a new office, the Space Policy Advancing Commercial Enterprise (SPACE) Administration.

“A burgeoning commercial space market is imperative to creating jobs, promoting economic growth, and ensuring national security,” continued Secretary Ross. “We have a new mantra -- government must engage not just in oversight, but also in insight, and foresight. That is what industry needs!”

Under Secretary Ross’ direct supervision, the SPACE Administration will coordinate the Department’s broad engagement in commercial space activities. To this end, Secretary Ross has directed all Commerce department bureaus with space responsibilities to assign a liaison to the new SPACE Administration, including the Bureau of Industry and Security, International Trade Administration (NOAA), National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Additionally, as part of the proposal, the Department’s existing Office of Space Commerce and the Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs office, currently housed in NOAA, will be elevated and relocated to the SPACE Administration.

In SPD-2, the President also directed Commerce to conduct an extensive review of its commercial remote sensing regulations, provide a report on spectrum management needs for future space activities, and assist the National Space Council with a review of export licensing regulations.

Today’s announcements reflect an important milestone for the Department and Administration, as the government works to enable instead of hinder private industry growth in space.

Secretary Ross and the Department of Commerce look forward to working with President Trump, Vice President Pence and the National Space Council, Congress, and private industry as America continues to lead in space.

Courtesy: U.S. Department of Commerce