Super Typhoon Yutu Relief & Recovery Update #4


(October 29, 2018) - - Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) published the following information:

On Sunday, October 28, 2018, CNMI Leadership and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted a Post-Declaration Damage Assessment.

Saipan, Tinian and Rota experienced very heavy rainfall and extremely high winds which caused damages to homes, businesses and critical infrastructure. Utility infrastructure on all three islands has been visibly severely impacted to include downed power lines, transformers and poles. Driving conditions remain hazardous as debris removal operations are still underway.

At the request of Governor Ralph DLG. Torres, representatives from FEMA Individual Assistance (IA) and the US Small Business Administration (SBA) joined the CNMI on an Aerial Preliminary Damage Assessment of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

Findings are as follows:

  • 317 Major; 462 Destroyed (T=779)
  • Villages covered: Kagman 1, 2 & 3 and LauLau, Susupe, Chalan Kanoa, San Antonio, Koblerville, Dandan and San Vicente
  • Power outage across the island
  • 2-mile-long gas lines observed
  • Extensive damage to critical infrastructure in southern Saipan
  • Downed power poles and lines

  • 113 Major; 70 Destroyed (T=183)
  • Villages covered: San Jose & House of Taga, Carolinas, Marpo Valley and Marpo Heights
  • Power outage across the island; estimated to take 3 months to achieve 50% restoration
  • Tinian Health Center sustained extensive damage
  • Observed a downed communications tower

  • 38 Major; 13 Destroyed (T=51)
  • Villages covered: Songsong Village and Sinapalo
  • Power outage across the island
  • Sustained the least amount of damage as compared to Saipan and Tinian

Red Cross CNMI-wide assessments begin Tuesday, October 30, 2018.


CNMI assisted with the coordination of food to shelters for 900 plus people with the Red Cross and Salvation Army and assisted with 300 meals through the Marianas Young Professionals.

CNMI is coordinating with the CNMI disability network to provide food and relief goods to those with disabilities.


Relief assistance has arrived from our neighboring island of Guam, with assessment engineers from the Guam Power Authority starting work as early as Sunday, October 28, 2018 to assist with power and water restoration.

The Calvo Tenorio administration has been working with federal and military partners, as well as with local agencies to extend assistance to the CNMI to assist with recovery efforts following Super Typhoon Yutu's devastation. "I have directed Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense to lead local government efforts as we look to helping our brothers and sisters to the north," Governor Eddie Calvo stated. "We know that many of the people who are working also have homes that may have been damaged or worse as the eye of the storm passed over the islands of Tinian and Saipan. We want to help fill some of that capacity – whether it is in clearing debris or restoring utilities and government functions – so that they can get back on their feet sooner." Approximately 140 Guam Guardsmen are expected to report on Monday and begin duty on Saipan as early as Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, for approximately 60 days. The Army Guard’s 1224th Engineer Support Company is to assist with recovery efforts to include support of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and FEMA as the lead federal agency in support of debris clearing missions in CNMI. Governor Eddie Calvo, recognizing the need in Tinian and Saipan, has given final approval for the Guam National Guard’s support mission. Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio thanks the Guam National Guard personnel, as well as Government of Guam employees from the Guam International Airport, Guam Power Authority, and Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense for their work. "I want to thank all of the Guamanians who will be going to the CNMI to help, as well as all of those who remain here on Guam who are assisting with logistics and picking up additional duties to cover for your teammates who will be off island as part of recovery efforts," Lt Governor Ray Tenorio stated.

The Guam International Airport Authority this morning sent two senior airfield electricians to Saipan. The GIAA team will help the Saipan airport resume full operational capabilities.


The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has enlisted manpower assistance from Colorado Primary Source and Guam

Power Authority.

Support efforts are already producing results. Just four days post-landfall, CUC with the help of Guam Power Authority, Colorado Primary Source, the Dept. of Energy, FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers, was able to restore power to Feeder 1, Partial 1 & 2 by Sunday at 4:35PM.

Feeder 1, Partial 1 & 2 feeds generation to the main line supplying the Commonwealth Healthcare Center and certain areas along Navy Hill, Upper Navy Hill (Chalan Galaide), Puerto Rico and Garapan.

Residents located on this Feeder are also back online. "We just went through one of the worst storms in history… a Category 5… and already, our crews were able to power-up one of the island’s most critical infrastructure… this speaks volumes of the hard work and dedication our CNMI team has expended on such efforts," stated CUC Executive Director, Gary Camacho in an interview on KKMP this morning.

Residents living along Feeder 1, Partial 1 & 2 are being urged to disconnect their personal generators from the main circuit to prevent back feed. Failing to disconnect will lead to circuit burnouts.

Pre-paid residents living along this Feeder line, may purchase tokens at the Customer Center Payment Window. Hours of Operation are Mondays through Fridays from 10AM to 12PM. All other CUC offices are closed until further notice.

On Tinian, two generators have landed on-island, one to power the Maui water well to assist in pumping water into the Tinian Health Center, and another to assist with power generation into the island’s only hospital. Power on Tinian remains 100 percent offline.

More updates will be reported as they are made available.

Please contact the CUC Help Desk at the following numbers for more assistance:

CUC Call Center: (670) 664-4282

CUC Outage Hotline: (670) 236-4333

CUC Rota: (670) 532-9411/9413

CUC Tinian: (670) 433-9261/9264/9265


As water crews continue to work around the clock to power up water wells throughout the islands of Saipan and Tinian, the following stations will be open on Saipan on Tuesday for water distribution:

As Matuis (Matansa Rd., Route 320) – 8AM to 2PM

Navy Hill [ Isla Dr. (near Navy Hill baseball field) ] – 8AM to 3PM

Capitol Hill (corner of Mt. Tapochao and Belau St.) – 9AM to 3PM

Kagman [ across Kagman Market (off Kagman Rd.) ] – 9AM to 3PM

Kanat Tabla (located before the rock quarry) – 9AM to 3PM

Koblerville [ Tanaktak Dr. (between Hanam Market & Tottoville) ] – 9AM to 3PM


The following shelters are open and are still accepting residents requiring refuge:
  • Tanapag Middle School
    • Availability – 8
  • Dandan Head Start
    • Availability – 3
  • Kagman Elementary School
    • Availability – 45
  • Kagman High School
    • Availability – 3


The following numbers as received from the Commonwealth Healthcare Center describe the updated number of injuries related to Super Typhoon Yutu:

Day 1 - October 25th: 133 ER visits, 76 were typhoon related

Day 2 - October 26th: 87 ER visits, 22 were typhoon related

Day 3 - October 27th: 111 ER visits, 7 were typhoon related

Day 4 - October 28th: 83 ER visits, 16 were typhoon related

In the past 96 hours, CHCC recorded a total of 121 typhoon-related ER visits.


The Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority (COTA)’s demand response service will be up and running to accommodate our community. Services will run from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Mondays through Saturdays, and Closed on Holidays and Sundays.

Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis and must be made at least two (2) days in advance.

Exact change only. Please contact COTA at (670) 664-2690 for more information.


The following are updates as of 10/30/2018 for the Mobil & Shell Gas Stations:

  • Chalan Kiya
    • 8AM - 7:30 PM
    • Open Tuesday, 10/30
    • Cash Only
  • Garapan
    • 8AM - 7PM
    • Monday - Sunday
    • Cash Only
  • Kagman
    • 8AM - 7PM
    • Monday - Sunday
    • Cash/Credit Card
  • Susupe
    • 8am - 7pm
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Cards
  • Sadog Tasi
    • 8AM - 7AM
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Card
  • Tanapag
    • 8AM - 7PM
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Card
  • Koblerville
    • Inoperable
  • Chalan Piao
    • Inoperable

  • Dan Dan
    • 7AM - 7PM
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Card
  • Gualo Rai (right of FHB)
    • 7AM - 7PM
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Card
  • Highway Express Gualo Rai
    • 7AM - 7PM
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Card
  • Puerto Rico
    • 7AM - 7PM
    • Monday – Sunday
    • Cash/Cards
  • San Roque
    • Monday – Sunday
    • 7AM - 5PM for government vehicles
    • 5PM-7PM for general public
    • Cash/Card
  • Koblerville
    • Inoperable
  • Susupe
    • Inoperable
  • Airport road
    • Inoperable


The Saipan Post Office has reopened; mail is being delivered to P. O. Boxes and the retail and parcel pickup windows have resumed operation; Saipan customers are encouraged to visit the post office regularly to check for incoming mail and packages.

The Rota Post Office has also reopened for business as usual.


On Monday, October 29, 2018, Governor Torres signed an executive order to postpone the 2018 CNMI General Election by one week until November 13, 2018. Early voting will start on November 6, 2018. More details to follow.


Please be advised that all government offices will operate under new operation hours from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.

This will be considered a full 8-hour working day for timesheets and paycheck purposes.

Non-critical government employees, who cannot make it to work, must notify their immediate supervisor and apply for personal leave.

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Credit: Federal Emergency Management Agency