National Transportation Safety Board Opens Public Docket for Concan, Texas Highway Crash Investigation

Editor's note: The National Transportation Safety Board published the following information:

Washington, DC - - (October 3, 2018) - - The National Transportation Safety Board opened the public docket Wednesday for the March 29, 2017, crash involving a pick-up truck and a 13-passenger bus near Concan, Texas.

The crash occurred when a pick-up truck traveling north on U.S. 83 crossed the double, solid-yellow centerline, entered the southbound lane, and collided with the bus. The bus driver and 12 of the 13 passengers were killed. The truck driver and one of the bus passengers suffered serious injuries.

Among the more than 800 pages of information in the docket are interviews with the surviving bus passenger, the truck driver, and witnesses who recorded a 14-minute video of the motion of the truck prior to the crash. Toxicology reports and photographs are also among the items in the docket.

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(This photo taken March 29, 2017, depicts the final resting position of the pick-up truck and
13-passenger bus involved in the fatal crash near Concan, Texas. Photo courtesy of Texas Highway Patrol)

No conclusions about how or why the crash occurred should be drawn from the information contained within the docket. The public docket contains only factual information collected by NTSB investigators, and does not provide analysis, findings, recommendations or probable cause determinations.

The docket for this investigation was opened in preparation for the upcoming NTSB meeting slated for Oct. 16, 2018, to determine the probable cause of the crash. The opening of the docket affords an opportunity to review the factual information that has been gathered about the collision.

The findings, recommendations, and determination of probable cause of this crash will be presented to the Board for approval Oct. 16, 2018.

Previously released information about this crash is available at .

Credit: National Transportation Safety Board