The Other Side of "What If?"

Man has declared that he has the power to destory the world, to obliterate every single thing that now exists on Planet. Well, what if . . . . . .what if man sets in mortion a series of actions/reactions that could (did) result in the total destruction of Planet Earth? What does that mean to you? What does it mean to me? The answers are not complex, they are very very simple: Most of us would live shorter lives than we had planned or imagined and would stand before the Just God sooner than we thought.

The answer is very very simple because we are all going to die one day anyway (except those Christians that have the blessed priviledge of being here at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and are then raptured ["caught up"] with Him in the air).

So, what is the big deal about when will it all end? An untimely catastrophic ending of the world will just shorten our journey, that's all. Let not your heart be troubled.

Oh, it would deny hoped-for future generations the priviledge of living and enjoying life on Planet Earth as we have been blessed to do. It would cut off our Earthly posterity (our family lines would end and be no more). That would be that and Planet Earth and its inhabitants would become a little-remembered relic of celestial history. No problem, on with the business of keeping track of innumerable stars.

Well, Godly Truth informs us beyond the scope of the logic found in the foregoing discussion. Fatalists would probably quickly embrace the above and find it sufficient explanation. Not so, said the prophets of old in whom resided the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. They declare a continuim in which God Himself, again in the Personage of the Lord Jesus Christ, takes over the controls of Planet Earth and reigns a thousand years.

Oh, they prophesy a destruction of Planet Earth but they hasten to insure us that there will be a new heaven and new earth that comes down out of heaven (in which dwelleth rightousness [HALLELUJAH!!!]).
So, again, let not your heart be troubled (unless you are unSaved!).

What if man destroys Planet Earth and you are unSaved? The answer to that is also very very simple: You will spend eternity in a burning Hell (a real place of fire and brimstones). Yet, if man does not destroy Planet Earth during your lifetime and you die unSaved your destiny is EXACTLY the same: Hell.

So, if you are Saved, let not your heart be troubled. If you are unSaved, how can your heart not be troubled every second you remain unSaved?

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