The Mark of Opposition

By Clarence William Page

A Black Man Views Life on Planet Earth

'Wherever you go in the world you will be opposed' were the words of a Caucasian US Army Captain that day as we traded barbs in the desert-situated office. It was a long long time ago, so long ago in fact that I am no longer sure he used the term "opposed" (he may have said "discriminated against"). At any rate, the message was clear: Your Black skin is the mark of opposition. Never mind that I was a commissioned officer in the United States Army, serving in one of the most elite of all military professions and starring in my unit. None of that mattered to the "good Captain". His consolation was in the belief that I would never be free, never be fully accepted, never be "good enough" anywhere in the world.

Was the captain in error? Were his disparaging remarks the product of wishful thinking only? Was he just a racist trying to put a "n" "in his place"? Well, there probably was some error in the statement. There should be some places in the world (particularly in Africa) that I could go in which I would not be opposed or discriminated against. That notwithstanding, the possibly gleeful observation of the captain is not altogether false. There are many many places in the world where my black skin and African features will be "automatically" opposed or discriminated against. (Empirical evidence supporting the veracity of that statement may be easily distilled right here in the "good ole" United States of America.)

So, what am I to do? Should I "freeze", become immobilized by fear, discouragement and expectation of failure? No! No, and ten thousand times "No!". Rather I should be challenged. I should be invigorated. I should "gird up my loins and conduct myself like a man". I should prepare to meet the demanding challenges of Planet Earth. I should seek out and acquire every appropriate useful tool and process that I need to successfully demonstrate to a hostile world that I am a man and I (and my family) will survive, that we will not be denied and that we will thrive. This is our mandate. Mandate? Yes, Mandate!!!

Why "mandate"? "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein". God mandated our color. Inherent in that mandate is our success! God never fails. All good success is "God success". All failure is man-inspired (or Satan-inspired). The God that mandated our race and color also mandated our success. His "good news" is to all men and it could not be "good" news and, at the same time, be based in failure.

So, Black person, start where you are, take what you have, find ways to appropriately obtain what you need and move to where God wants you to go. That is success on Planet Earth!

Finally (and most important), live so close to God that no one can touch you without touching God.

Copyright© Clarence William Page 2007.