Statement from New York Mayor de Blasio on the Law Department Report on NYPD Protest Response| site |

(Information contained in New York Office of the Mayor press release: December 30, 2020)

New York - - Mayor Bill de Blasio today released a statement supporting the findings and recommendations of Corporation Counsel James Johnson’s report on the NYPD’s response to the George Floyd protests in New York City.

“There are clear lessons to be learned from the protests this year and a necessary drive to bring about real, transformative changes. We must make improvements immediately, and the reports from the Department of Investigation and the Law Department will help guide the way forward,” said Mayor de Blasio. In addition to the 20 recommendations from the DOI report, I fully support the Law Department’s 10 recommendations for the NYPD to better respond to protests, strengthen community engagement and improve officer training.”

In May, the Mayor instructed both the Law Department and the Department of Investigation (DOI) to review the NYPD’s protest response. The independent DOI report was released earlier this month. It’s findings and all 20 recommendations were supported by the Mayor in a video statement.