Statement of Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Michael O'Rielly on Commission Consideration of Broadband Privacy Interim Stay Order

Washington, DC - - (February 27, 2017) - - “As I indicated in my dissenting statement when the previous Commission adopted these rules, I believe they are fatally flawed from the standpoints of both statutory authority and public policy. I support the Chairman's proposal to allow the Commission and Congress time to take another look at these ill-considered rules before they have a chance to throw broadband providers' data security practices into unsettled territory.”

“Additionally, I support the Chairman's decision to give Commissioners a chance to weigh in here in a process similar to that I proposed in a recent blog post. Agree or disagree with the underlying proposal, everyone should commend the Chairman's move away from the delegated authority abuses we have seen in the past, toward more input from Commissioners. I certainly will commit to record my vote on this item by March 2 in exchange for the new opportunity to make my voice heard at the Commission level, and hope that this opportunity will be made available to Commissioners as a matter of course going forward.”

Information source: Federal Communications Commission