Our Terms Of Service

1. All human beings are welcome to view and listen to this ministry.
2. You are welcome to translate our ministry words (NOT news articles, posts or any creations of others) into other languages; however, the translations MUST BE ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE. If you translate the music you must make sure the lyrics you translate are already in the public domain.
3. We create and distribute content. Our intent is to give to you rather than to receive from you.
4. No one is allowed to (and you MUST NOT) use our content in any illegal way, manner, shape or form.
5. As long as you conduct yourself in an intelligent, reasonable, legal and respectful manner (while using our site) we should have no reason to generate or make any reports about you.
6. We have no interest in making any reports to anyone concerning you and your habits.
7. If you have questions or concerns about anything residing on our sites please contact us.
8. If you engage in illegal activity on and/or while using our site or present evidence of criminal activity we are likely to (and probably will) report it to law enforcement authorities. If it is criminal and you don't want it reported, DON'T SAY IT. DON'T POST IT. WE ARE NOT GOING TO SIT ON TOP OF CRIMINAL INFORMATION AND NOT REPORT IT. SO, YOU ARE WARNED!!!
9. Pastor Page is the person in charge (under Almighty God) here. Pastor Page's ONLY INTEREST is in reaching the Lost for Jesus Christ. He has no interest in reporting you or making trouble for you. (Do the right thing and you should have no trouble here.)
10. If you spam us we will ban you (if we have time).
11. You must keep profanity and vileness off this site. Don't bring it here!
12. Always keep copies of what you post. Our forums grow extremely large. You are warned: KEEP COPIES OF WHAT YOU POST!
14. Do not post information here that you have no right to post. If it is copyrighted make sure you have the right to post it before posting it. If we are required to remove copyrighted information posted by you we WILL SEND YOU A BILL for at least One Hundred United States Dollars ($100.00 [US]). You are warned: DON'T POST INFORMATION YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO POST.
15. We hereby grant you the right (whoever you are) to freely publish and/or republish Pastor Page's sermons, speeches, Sunday School lessons and comments ANYWHERE (anywhere on Planet Earth; anywhere in Space; anywhere in the Universe (any appropriate and legal where)- - in their ENTIRETY ONLY. They must not be published piecemeal. If you publish Pastor Page's sermon you must publish the ENTIRE sermon. If you publish Pastor Page's speech you must publish the ENTIRE speech. If you publish Pastor Page's Sunday School lesson you must publish the ENTIRE Sunday School lesson. Pastor Page is long-winded - - so, if it is too long to publish in its entirety just leave it alone. DO NOT BREAK IT UP!
16. With respect to #15 above, DO NOT PUBLISH THE MUSIC!!!
17. All the above notwithstanding, we in no way intend to, nor do we, extend, grant, allow or permit the privilege or right to you to act in any improper, wrong or illegal manner or do anything impermissible with, on, through and/or while on and/or using our site.


Trinity Baptist Church and Pastor Clarence William Page