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This message is to people who are engineers in the year 2321 A.D.

This is a message from the past (actually from 300 years in the past).

In the past, the year is 2021. My name is Clarence William Page. I write in order to make a contribution to your age, your society, your world.

To many of you, the past is a long time ago. I lived during that “long time ago”. We thought we were “modern”. We thought we were “advanced”. We invented much of what you consider rudimentary and mediocre (if not “ancient”). We took pride in something we called the “Internet”. (You have probably discarded it by now.)

I have a few suggestions for you. Why for you and not for my generation? My generation would just reject them out of hand and call me a kook. (“Kook” was a word we used to indicate that a person was regarded as being crazy and/or idiotic.)

Let me just bring you up to date: Three hundred years ago most things were done for profit (financial/monetary profit). If there was no finance/money in it, most people would not do it. So, we were a “profit driven” people.

I have some ideas that could help my society; but, the “powers that be” (that is a phrase we used back then) would just reject them. Thus, I share them with you.

I want to share (with your society) ideas that I know could (and would) make travel easier, less expensive and more pleasurable. (My society is too profit driven to seriously consider these ideas.)

For many decades now, most of our transportation has been powered by fossil fuels (gasoline, oil, etc.). Recently, many business people began to invest in electric-powered transportation vehicles. The fossil fuel merchants have resisted the attempts to move from internal combustion engines to those powered by electricity. The electricity merchants insist that fossil fuels are polluting the planet and destroying the Ozone layer, etc. So, the push is on to electrify transportation.

Those who want to electrify transportation also have a “profit motive”. They have invested billions (if not trillions) of financial resources in developing and promoting electrified transportation. While they may be serious about the condition of our natural environment (preventing pollution), they are also very serious about the financial profit motive (making what we call “money”). Thus, they are not really interested in my ideas. Please consider the following examples.

Three hundred years ago, we moved around planet Earth in something we called “cars”. As of this writing, most cars are fossil fuel powered. The people promoting electrified travel are pressing hard to make fossil fuel powered vehicles obsolete. They want to totally replace them with electric-powered vehicles. Here’s the problem: In my opinion, the replacement process is profit-motive driven.

For example, the current plans are for vehicles to be powered by electricity stored in rechargeable batteries. They are proposing the installment of external recharging stations. Thus, the vehicles would have to be charged externally every time their batteries ran low on electric current. (Of course, the recharging stations will be profit¬-motive intensive - - making money/finance for the owners and operators). It is very possible that three hundred years later (during your time) some of those charging stations are still around (though you may have gone totally to another power source paradigm).

In the event that you are still using external charging stations, I have some suggestions for you:

1. You should not have to use external charging stations.
2. You should be able to recharge the batteries/power sources ONBOARD your vehicles (even on your flying vehicles).

Here’s how: Congregate, aggregate and integrate your physics, chemistry, calculus and geometry. You will discover rather simple methods of performing and perfecting ONBOARD recharging of your vehicles’ batteries/power units mechanisms.

We are wasting many of our power-producing resources. We are either not using them; or, we are ignoring or misusing them. Please do not let that happen during your generations.

I will give you some research ideas. You are smarter than we were; so, you should be able to make these ideas work.


1. Figure out how to make EVERY rotating mechanism on your vehicles serve as part of the power (battery charging/recharging) generating system.
2. Figure out how to use the wind as part of your vehicle’s power generating system. (One of the very simple and “no brainer” methods is to attach small operational windmills to the exteriors of your vehicles and plug them into the vehicle’s power (battery charging/recharging) generating system.
3. Learn how to use gravity as part of your vehicle’s power (battery charging/recharging) generating system. (One way is to figure out how to use the weight of the vehicle as a power (battery charging/recharging) generating system.) I could do that; so, surely you can do it.
4. For your land-based (road) vehicles, figure out how to design road tires in such a way that their contact with the road surface serves as part of the power (battery charging/recharging) generating system.

The above are just a few ways to generate ONBOARD power (without going nuclear - - which many of you may have already gone). I have other ideas. I will share some of them later (meaning my time “later”).

If you are looking for a name for the system I recommended, you may call it PageLectric.


Clarence William Page
High Point, North Carolina USA
June 17, 2021 A.D.

Copyright © 2021 Clarence William Page