The American Dummy Danger!!!


Clarence William Page

The United States of America has a "Dummy Danger". The Dummy Danger can tear this nation apart. God knows that. Satan knows that. Satan wants to tear the nation apart.

The American Dummy Danger operates across the spectra of American political ideologies. It is found in the ultra conservatives. It is found in the ultra liberals. It is found in many shades of ideologies that exist between the "ultras".

What is the "Dummy Danger"? The Dummy Danger is not new (as a matter of fact it is "as old as the hills"). The Dummy Danger is the belief that "the end justifies the means". In other words, "If it gets us where we want to go, let's do it". That's the Dummy Danger. Why? Because only a dummy would subscribe to such nonsense.

Polarizing people by using half-truths, innuendo, lies, deceit, wrongful fear, etc. gives rise to the Dummy Danger. People who do not think for themselves will buy into it and thus cause rift and division in our nation.

Certain media talk show hosts are masters at using people. They create fear by dividing the various races and communities of people. They create fear by promoting "war mongering" (they always want to send American armed forces to fight "somewhere"). Day after day they denigrate some group of people. Whenever a major news event occurs they find some angle that will help them persuade the "dummies" that listen to them. They create fear (saying, "buy a gun, buy a gun, buy a gun"). They create fear by saying, "guns are killing people" (hoping to ban all gun sales). They create fear by saying "the sky is falling" (global warming crisis). They create fear by saying any unGodly group is being denied their "Rights". They create fear by trashing the reputation of anyone they don't like or with whom they do not agree. Their "dummy" listeners swallow it hook, line and sinker!!!

Using fear to gain and keep power, influence and money is one of mankind's oldest game schemes.

Copyright © 2016 Clarence William Page