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Three Mile Island MUST BE TAUGHT


Three Mile Island MUST BE TAUGHT

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  • Three Mile Island MUST BE TAUGHT

    Three Mile Island MUST BE TAUGHT!!!

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    March 29, 2022

    by Clarence William Page

    The Dooms Days Experiences of March 1979

    Climate change! Climate change!! Climate change!!! How dare we teach about the urgency of climate change without fully educating young Americans about the existential catastrophe that could have resulted from the 1979 Three Mile Island crisis?

    It was March 1979. Americans were going about their daily routines. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, we began to hear about a nuclear power plant located in the state of Pennsylvania. Most of us had no knowledge of the plant. "Three Mile Island" they called it. Something was going on at Three Mile Island. We came to understand that Three Mile Island was a nuclear power plant. As one news report after another emerged, we learned that some kind of accident had occurred at Three Mile Island. At first, the information was sketchy. Then, we could hear more urgency in the news announcers' voices. I remember CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite seemingly reaching a point of almost wordless stoicism. Clearly, this was a VERY SERIOUS matter.

    Each day's news reports brought a heightened sense of both danger and urgency. It became clear that the operators onsite at Three Mile Island did not know what to do. (We would later learn that the President of the United States of America [himself a Navy veteran and nuclear physicist] had gone to Three Island to see what the situation was.) His wife, First Lady Rosalind Carter, had gone to Three Mile Island with him.

    We still do not know the full extent of the damages and adverse effects that resulted from the partial nuclear meltdown that apparently occurred at Three Mile Island. Many people who were residents of the local area surrounding Three Mile Island still complain (to this very day) of adverse health effects believed suffered from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant accident.

    I wish President Carter would tell us more. Surely, he must know more.

    Located in the Londonderry Township of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Three Mile Island's near melt down sent many local residents scurrying (with many leaving the area). Many of those who did not leave still complain of loved ones that died from various cancers and other illnesses that they believe were related to the releases of nuclear radiation and emissions that occurred during the Three Mile Island crisis. Others, who are still alive, tell of their health struggles - - struggles that they believe are direct results of the apparent partial meltdown that occurred at Three Mile Island.

    How serious was the Three Mile Island event? Most of us do not really know (but many of us think that it was much worse than what we have been told). Various scientists render different opinions on the criticality of Three Mile Island and the resulting damage done to PLANTS, ANIMALS AND HUMAN BEINGS. Somewhere I read that at least one person opined that had Three Mile Island reached maximum damage state (assumedly total and complete nuclear meltdown) that it would have blown the entire eastern part of the United State into the Atlantic Ocean. Whether that is true of false I do not know.

    If our young people are to have a safe environment in the future, we MUST teach them about the mistakes and failures of the past.

    Our children MUST be taught about Three Mile Island! Is your school system teaching about Three Mile Island? If not, why not? Teaching materials? There are plenty of teaching materials. The following links lead to some of the available information that could possibly be used as Three Mile Island teaching materials:



    Facebook survivors group: Facebook: TMI Survivors[0]=AT0Pv1LHHIg2Obb7srF9rrfOLTA7dgTMPsxmlxu0jKIXznsEKTipxevCNRST4r--bRp_DZKG2gevf7XdcWvUt10ai_ajTUKfBerleQlp9mKu0sNF12kQvI4NoNZs1lp2wkPuZQEMTqu6JmLfLSMziRnDTQaOFGrcvwU[0]=AT1CPBbX3OXk1RvGFFP7LAgRu4fHp4fsIMvE57AzZYo1x4wXl8WaaHpH-uygRxnT0SWRROtglFLuPSHuY8ycHdIAEmtefrqEJy25s0qZNMhQWYG1BvhZ2zAxJ3uA2unne_0OelIuJEbjfPiPpeB4YwmwUgPDRxpS8CQ[0]=AT3n9ZojI1MgUZ2unRxou8Do22dv6AaZnhtQ9ijRFTI02Uoxy4IdrGNVdCtNJJPByQ7nvsDoZNgQZZgpL_2IdhYHmZMzYgIzzja1eg7PF1l558YbOis6WrDKbisEohO2Vh50x_bO9hAR2Mv42HSUYKU9nERaltq-CNs[0]=AT12I3rXYqnTCSamccIjGLjwmEWdpT5qnU4W5hS0BxBetFUWhCA6TnqTPRyi99vzeJeVDH9rKQGOvlehBTbJCzE-SWMr8-rMDxFCdYcxS8UfZVQz8u5dUpC9fgHFKoA8jJJDVko7t6asJ5ICEuKbpJWzc0MrHMRokws[0]=AZWzT0_eebTK3jfNMd_HgNtpwxZRIKnS2NB8huB8IyXTN4DoJ7mF_f2KsJspBQDBJVAUo_bo7eRpPprFXBcEW7GtqKbb7y9rRUpeQO126fBxiH2p-KHTsJOmcs_3LqiYVW-91EBidVittQFH_pVw_KdU&__tn__=H-R[0]=AT0kkbCVy0GctIXOglO0TQYeB-yHD5-en_btAss7iBjs0Zh3LyouwB4OiNAOD2JukWPx5fdbf3-M9S1hfkX3LG2WngMwxBzVEzA4VZj7YGshWUhff0QHOMizYyffD2hl2_qKv52mTFLFEbr0TWewpHcII7J88oGQQZM[0]=AT0kkbCVy0GctIXOglO0TQYeB-yHD5-en_btAss7iBjs0Zh3LyouwB4OiNAOD2JukWPx5fdbf3-M9S1hfkX3LG2WngMwxBzVEzA4VZj7YGshWUhff0QHOMizYyffD2hl2_qKv52mTFLFEbr0TWewpHcII7J88oGQQZM[0]=AZVFI85ASdWsWjLD6_6O5Madv8abjW4AuhOJJhb59jvPZ3K09ySJae436i0J2eZDHZc4V8Mr64ERiLzGc05Z7v7PsLE-RiTa4cV9N3y_ynH6K_QZM2kCKmnS60LMSXO8w8fZuDMrZ8YcXB9O8BdbkL2P&__tn__=H-R

    TMI Survivors' Dinner from Rock The Capital on Vimeo.[0]=AZXTZ6ThtmESjokGDwvPlRMVDITWuFe4yRlk8qzyjmrbckR85QErvjquxmnNBdecXOtrGf2m7RMwCOLL-siCGZnMTApAVKC1KehdI2YdrvpN6Kb5i9IeYm9NGk_fJXhB0EuYnMDTI3WnepE5pJtlqv7DvndtHq6cz6PyUAMJgLNrmA&__tn__=EH-y-R


    Information in the above article was gleaned from writings, communications and/or conversations from/with the following people and entities:

    1. Personal experiences

    2. Wikipedia

    3. Jill Murphy Long (author of "Meltdown The Film" - - - )

    4. Christine Layman ("Three Mile Island Survivors" )

    5. Various other sources whose specific names and locations are not now recalled.


    About the author:

    Clarence William Page is the editor of this site (Light To Guide Our Feet [ ] ) He is an Ordained Christian Minister, a political scientist, an information technology specialist, a writer, a poet, a news publisher, an Internet webmaster as well as a participant in a number of other endeavors. Many of his sermons and church services are published on the Internet. Clarence served in the U.S. Armed Forces (Army) as both an Enlisted Man and a Commissioned Officer. An entrepreneur, he has founded and operated a number of businesses. He resides in High Point, North Carolina. Contact: [email protected]